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Born: 25 August, 1981, Istanbul, Turkey

Age : 21

Occupation: Actor, server, DJ

Nationality: Turkey

Years active: 2004-present

Hair color: Brown - Light

Eye color: Green

Height: 178 cm (5'10")



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ir (born 25 August, 1981) is a Turkish actor, server and DJ.

After completing primary and secondary school education in Istanbul, Seçkin went on to attend college at Kocaeli University for a degree in Economics. He is most known for ATV's Turkish series (Al Yazmalim) as Ilyas Avci. as a DJ Seçkin has performed at many major clubs in Antalya, Istanbul and Bodrum. He played in few commercials including adds for Ülker, Binboa Vodka & Coca-Cola. In 2008, Seçkin played the character of John in ATVs serious "Wild Rose".

In 2000, in the Kocaeli's regional foreign music radio "Red Fm". He began to radio programming. In 2002, he began to "Brainstorm" radio show and has attracted great interest in the program in Kocaeli and the program continued until 2004. Antalya, Istanbul and Bodrum to the crowd as he performs many important club DJs.

In Instanbul 2004, "My Radio" gave an interactive radio show program in drive time for 5 months. In August 2004, "Number 1" as a transfer program also began making television. Made in 2005 with the Foster's sponsorship of "shovel" is then absurd program, Turkey's largest youth club in 2006. "GNCTRKCLL 'known Özdemir'le started working. 2 years Number 1 FM in TV director GNCTRKCLL jointly sponsored Leader Kızılkan'l "Play" is offered to prepare the youth music entertainment presenter and also made the scene in the organization in diameter Gnctrkcll'n Turkey.

Müjdat browsing arts center after he studied theater at Akbank country, Binboa Vodka, Coca-Cola and GNCTRKCLL advertising starred in movies and ATV's played the character of John the Wild Rose series in 2008.

In 2011, the Great Century array Hürrem's boyfriend Leo has revived the character. Artist Al Yazmalım is finally played a major role in the series with Özge Özpirinççi. 2013 began in March and "I'm Sorry, I Love You" is adapted from a Korean drama called "A Love Story" of the year 2014 starring with Damla Sönmez, the series has started in December "sinner" with series Gülcan Arslan and Hazal Scion Küçükköse has played a leading role.